Statement of Governance

Management & Alignment

The mission and activities of Global Missions Project are directed by its Board of Directors. As there are three employees of the company, the Board members are actively engaged in the day to day governance of the company and provide management and oversight to the employees. The constitution and responsibilities of the Board are defined in the by-laws of Global Missions Project.  The Board meets quarterly to review existing projects, financial information, and to make any needed or desired decisions.

Members are recruited to the Board based on their Christian Faith, commitment to missions, passion for the ministry of Global Missions Project, and awareness of the stated mission and values for Global Missions Project. This creates a common foundation for alignment among board members.  Between Board meetings, members communicate frequently via phone, email and shared document storage to stay abreast of emerging issues and opportunities.  This allows for effective Board meetings when they occur.     


There are two facets to communications within the Global Missions Project community. Formal communication regarding the policies and activities is documented in the Agenda and Minutes of each board meeting. The Board chairman directs the activities of company employees day to day.

Communication with the participants and supporters of Global Missions Project is achieved primarily through a bi-monthly newsletter.  This newsletter informs all who receive it of the mission opportunities that are currently open for participation.  It also reports major stories and results from previous project. Global Missions Project also operates a website at to keep participants, supporters, and interested parties informed about the organization.

Ethics and Financial Management

Due to its Christian foundations, Global Missions Project operates with a strong commitment to Biblical ethics.  It also operates with complete transparency to the Board for its financial activities. All books are open to any Board member for discussion or question, and financial activities are reviewed in the quarterly Board meetings.

To ensure essential separation of financial duties, all bank statements are delivered to the Board Chairman or his designate for review prior to being given to staff for accounting.  Preparation of checks and other payment instruments is completed by one individual, but signature authority does not rest with that individual.  Signatures are only available through designated and authorized Board members. All annual IRS filings are prepared by a Certified Public Accountant.  All contributions are acknowledged in writing or via email immediately upon receipt. These acknowledgements include donor information, amount of contribution, and purpose of the gift.  All projects for which gifts are accepted are approved and controlled by the Board of Directors.

At its most recent meeting in February, 2017, The Global Missions Project Board recommended the officers take the appropriate steps to have GMP accredited by the ECFA and listed with Charity Navigator and Guidestar.