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GMP has managed projects as large as 350 to as small as 4. We work with denominational agencies such as the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention as well many other international mission organizations to develop requests for a group like yours. From choir to orchestra to big band jazz to student choir and about any other music group you can imagine, we have received requests from around the world. We will work with you finding the best fit for your group and manage the entire project.

GMP has had great success in establishing requests for school, university and community music ensembles across the globe and the momentum has grown for student-led music mission projects. There are many opportunities for direct impact both musically and evangelistically. Most of the international requests involve direct student-to-student interaction with students in the countries you will visit.

I’m a Music Leader. I have taken groups before and have a missionary contact.

That’s great! If you have done international music projects you understand the hundreds of hours it takes to plan a successful project. We can step in and begin the planning and implementation work for you.

I’m a Music Leader and would like to take my group, but I don’t think I have enough for a full ensemble.

We have many Music Leaders that are looking to join another group to complete an ensemble such as a choir or orchestra. Simply give us a call to get started at 770.401.0782.