Board of Directors

The mission and activities of Global Missions Project are directed by its Board of Directors. The Board members are actively engaged in the day to day governance of the company and provide management and oversight to all resources. The constitution and responsibilities of the Board are defined in the by-laws of Global Missions Project. The Board meets quarterly to review existing projects, financial information, and to make any needed or desired decisions.

Members are recruited to the Board based on their Christian Faith, commitment to missions, passion for the ministry of Global Missions Project, and awareness of the stated mission and values for Global Missions Project. This creates a common foundation for alignment among board members. Between Board meetings, members communicate frequently via phone, email and shared document storage to stay abreast of emerging issues and opportunities. This allows for effective Board meetings when they occur.

Kent Lilley – Chairman of the Board

Bob Ray – Vice Chairman

Bobby Lewis - Secretary

Camp Kirkland

Richard Kingsmore

Mark Brannon