february 8 - 17, 2018

The Request from Our Host, Benny Prasad

India has the highest suicide rate in the world. It is estimated that there were approximately 187,000 deaths during 2010. I myself was suicidal at the age of 16 having failed all of my parents expectations. After traveling for 13 years to 257 nations & breaking 6 World Records, God gave me a new direction to end my World travels by March 2015 and build a 400-seat Cafe in Bangalore to reach out to the college students who are depressed, lonely & suicidal. Chai 3:16 is a non-commercial, 400-seat café, where only Chai (tea) is served. Volunteers from different spheres of society from all over the world come here to serve as waiters and waitresses. Our goal is 80% listening and 20% talking, if needed. As we listen to the problems of the students, our goal is to value them, and love them the way Jesus loves us.

Project Objective

Music is a Universal Language and having an Orchestra will be a treat for them. They will be thrilled to sit down  and have conversations with the team and the gospel can be shared. We focus on personal evangelism and discipleship, hence after the performance or during the break, the team can divide themselves and sit with the students and have deep conversations. The orchestra will attract a set of students who might not come for any other event that we might plan and they may bring their parents too. The Hindus and the Muslims will feel very comfortable with Orchestral music.

Project Highlights

The spiritual highlights will be building relationships with Hindus and Muslims, sharing the love of Jesus, listening to their challenges and leading them to Christ. Once they are open we can hold Bible Studies with them. 


The cost for this Music Mission Project is $2,795 and includes air and ground transportation, accommodations, breakfast, insurance, Project Development, entrance fees and a GMP Travel Leader.  The cost can be divided into multiple payments.