Open to All Musicians

FEBRUARY 1 - 11, 2019

Cologne Night

Cologne Night

Cities include Niedernberg, Cologne, Recklinghausen, Hannover, Bielefeld & Lemgo

Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations . . .Matthew 28:19

 The Request from our Mission Partner

The land of the Reformation is in spiritual peril. Most churches are declining, society is drifting away from God’s truth and evangelicalism remains a below 5% minority. But God is at work still. “I will build my church” is the unfailing promise of our Savior and Lord, and he is still at work today. There are groups and denominations that counter the trend of spiritual decline, churches with 15-1500 believers attending every Sunday; churches where the gospel is still preached; churches where music plays a vital role for faith, fellowship and worship. As important as music has been in the past, it needs to find new meaning with every generation of believers. We need a vision for music and worship in our churches that reaches beyond the walls of our buildings. We need encouragement through testimonies of how God can use music for his purposes in this world. We need examples of courageous initiatives and creative projects to reach our nation, the peoples and tribes of this world, and our neighbor next door. We need a new perspective on what God can do using the gift of music in and through our churches. We need a vision for missional music to the glory of His name and the encouragement of His people.

Hannover Castle

Hannover Castle

Project Objective

Celebrate God in the midst of his people

Encourage church leaders to develop courageous and creative music programs

Teach musicians and worship leaders to utilize music for the testimony of the gospel



Hannover, Germay

Hannover, Germay

Project Highlights

Join with local musicians in multiple places

Personal and meaningful interaction with leaders und musicians

Lead four churches in worship

Participate in the annual FeF Music Leader Conference

Participate in convocation at Bibelseminar Bonn

See the Cathedral and Chocolate Museum in Cologne

Walk the forest and monument where the Roman Empire’s expansion was halted by famous “Herman the German”

Lemgo, Germany

Lemgo, Germany


Recklinghausen, Germany

Recklinghausen, Germany

The cost for this Music Mission Project is $3,235 and includes air and ground transportation, accommodations, breakfast, insurance, Project Development, entrance fees and a GMP Travel Leader.  The cost can be divided into multiple payments.


Charitable Donation

Global Missions Project is a non-profit, interdenominational Christian Ministry dedicated to developing ministry opportunities for every church musician.  All expenses are tax-deductible.