tuesday, December 26, 2017 - friday, January 5, 2018

PSO to Chile!

Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations . . .Matthew 28:19

The Request from our Mission Partners

Chile is a country with a very diverse geography, which is a blessing but also proves to be very challenging when facing constant natural disasters. In recent years we have had floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and forest fires; many people have lost their homes, their life savings and loved ones. This has caused a feeling of insecurity among our people; many wonder “where is God?”  That is why we have focused on working closely with these communities that have been hit by these terrible disasters. Ministering to them in different ways is showing God's love in times of painful and difficult circumstances. This has been a great challenge, but we are reaching the hearts of people with a message of love and hope in Christ.

Project Objective

Music is a means to reach others to the Kingdom. Music brings peace to heart and it is a very effective way to share the gospel among people.  PSO has been with us twice and they have seen our people’s hunger to hear of God's love, and have witnessed how lives have been restored through the message of their music. It is very unique that a group of American musicians are willing to come to our country just because they love the Lord, and our people truly appreciate this. During the past two trips many different churches collaborated in the planning and promotion of concerts, and many hearts were opened to the Gospel.  We had concerts in public places, theaters, churches, a university, and even a prison.

Project Highlights

Visit places affected by natural disasters, and see how people are trying to get ahead in the midst of adversity. Perform in nursing homes for the elderly-our country has been aging and many elderly are abandoned. Visit summer public schools where children of working mothers are cared for. Perform in churches, schools, and return to the men’s prison in Santiago.

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The cost for this Music Mission Project is $2,725 and includes air and ground transportation, accommodations, breakfast, insurance, Project Development, entrance fees and a GMP Travel Leader.  The cost can be divided into multiple payments.

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