Celebration Orchestra with Camp Kirkland

JULY 5 - 14, 2018

Ridgway Ministries & Bulgarian Child

Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations . . .Matthew 28:19

The Request from our Mission Partners

Since the ninth century Bulgaria has traditionally been an Orthodox country (Bulgarian Orthodox, not Greek Orthodox!), but because it was under the Ottoman Turkish empire for five hundred years, about twelve percent of its population is nominally Muslim.   During World War II Bulgaria was invaded by the Soviet Union and a Communist government was established that lasted until the radical changes during 1989.  Partly because of atheism espoused during the Communist time, partly because of the meaninglessness of the Orthodox church in the lives of the people, partly because of superstition, syncretism and cultural tradition of the Bulgarian people, religion is relegated to the church and not to a personal relationship with God.  Many people will say that they are Orthodox (meaning not Muslim), but in the same breath say that they are atheists. Evangelical churches are small, but active and growing.  About one percent of the population of the country is Protestant, but on any given Sunday there are more people attending the Protestant churches than the Orthodox churches.  Our purposes here are several: to witness to the truth of the gospel and a personal relationship to God through Jesus Christ, to win more believers to the kingdom, to strengthen and encourage the churches and believers, to show to the nation that being a believer is not something strange or only a "Western religion."

Project Objective

Concerts in public venues to highlight the local churches

Relationship building at Learning Center Borovtsi.

Music teaching with youth

Project Highlights

Visits to orphanages

Concerts in Varna (resort city on the Black Sea)

Concerts in Plovdiv, ancient Roman city with second-century amphitheater still in use

Visit to Veliko Turnovo, medieval capital of Bulgaria, with castle ruins

Potential visit to Greece: archaeological site Philippi and coastal city of Kavala

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